Artist Management

Dce3productions & Management is an award-winning company known for its artistic excellence, integrity and superior service.  We provide full service artist management solutions for a variety of music business clients ranging from alternative, gospel, country, r&b, and hip-hop.

Our services are comprehensive and tailor to the needs of our clients. They include: artist development, day-to-day administration, digital strategy, radio promotion, marketing, direct-to-fan distribution, and public relations.


Dce3productions is a full service production company, offering start to finish production for stage plays, television, videos & music artist management.  No production is too big or too small for us to produce!

Dce3 utilizes knowledge of some of the most experienced and respected professionals in the industry and takes pride in implementing innovative creativity and solutions to develop the best productions of all of our clients.


Event Planning

Dce3productions is Atlanta's premier consultation, coordinating and event planning service. We are experienced and dedicated to designing individually styled weddings, gala events, corporate and private affairs that reflect your personality and style down to the last glorious detail.

Enjoy the luxury of being able to relax as a guest at your own event. We can assist you with venue and vendor selection, event design and decor, invitations, favors, event rentals, lighting and specialty linens.  All initial consultations are provided at no charge.

Working Within Your Budget...

We're often asked by clients how they can work most effectively to ensure project success. Behind every successful project there is a combination of good ideas, thoughtful planning, and engaged teams.  During a project, many things will change. However, your goals should remain consistent. Every decision we make is purposeful, with your business goals in mind. If goals change mid-project, it can have a significant impact. It can require anything from rethinking the concept altogether to modifying the core features and base requirements and will likely increase time and/or budget. It’s not ideal but sometimes unavoidable. In this case, we will assist you in being prepared to prioritize and make other items a lower priority, therefore we will have the time and budget available to address the new requirement.

Our Clients...

At Dce3productions & Management, we've learned that long-term relationships are built on two simple concepts: We treat every client as my most important client. While major wins might get the most media attention, our clients will always appreciate the high value we place on their business. Second, we work at keeping our connections fresh and relevant. No matter what the project is, our goal is to earn our client’s repeated loyalty and business.

Get a Quote...

Dce3productions & Management are hard at work Monday-Sunday.  We submit our quotes to all of our clients within 24-48 hours.  You will hear from your personal Dce3 Expert to answer questions, customize your quote to fit your event needs, and be your personal liaison from your events start to finish!  We are happy to honor our quotes for 30 days!