Our Team


Dce3productions was founded by Ms. Decembre Pierce of Georgia and is a full service production company. Although we specialize in documentary/reality productions, we also offer start to finish production for stage plays, television, commercials, videos and music artist management.

We have partnered with some of the best directors, producers, and photographers within the industry. All ofour associates and partners are highly respected professionals with a combined 20+ years of experience.

Due to our growing partnerships, if you need a head shot or a photo shoot for yourself or your business, we have you covered there as well.

At Dce3productions, our mission is to create all genre of productions that will engage the viewer both emotionally and intellectually, through expertly shot and edited productions that tell a story and capture the audience. We produce only the best, photo only the best and manage only the best!

Mr. Larry Johnson - Dce3's Producer

Larry Johnson aka CEO Beatz, age 28, husband and father of 2, currently resides in North Carolina.  Mr. Johnson has always worked with Ms. Pierce on other ventures throughout the years, therefore when Dce3productions & Management of Atlanta was birthed, he did not hesitate to become a part of the team! From his very own home studio, he produces and engineers some of the hottest sounds and beats for Dce3 artists.  With plans to relocate to Georgia soon, CEO Beatz is destined to be one the best producers in the game.

CEO Beatz


At Dce3productions, our artists are our pride and joy!  We have two levels of talent: Team Dce3 (those whom are under our artist development); and Team Royalty (those whom have completed artist development and are now performing on concerts nationwide).  All of our artists are NOT just any music artists, but they were specifically chosen by our CEO to be a part of our family.  Meet #TeamRoyalty below...

Malcolm Everette

Mr. Dce3 aka Maczamillian

Malcolm Everett aka Mr. Dce3 aka Maczamillian, age 26, husband and father of 4, was born and raised in Murfreesboro, North Carolina. From age 13, he had a love for music and would confine himself to his room or anywhere he could think quietly to write what was on his mind and heart. He knew that one day his music would be a household name.

In 2016, after years of searching for the right manager, "Mac" signed with Dce3Productions & Management of Atlanta. Mac is known for his smooth R&B/Hip Hop lyrics and unique sound. His 1st hit single 'Have It', has gained swift popularity. His stage presence is like none other and he definitely knows how to captivate a crowd.  His 2nd hit single 'Paper' is a hit amongst North Carolina and Atlanta's hip hop listeners.  With more music being released this upcoming winter, he's definitely going to have you club ready!...  For more information on this rising artist music and performance dates, please visit his personal web page at artistecard.com/maczamillian!

Edwin Wilson Jr.

King Smuve

Edwin Wilson Jr. aka King Smuve, age 25, single and father of 1, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Beginning at a very early age, King Smuve knew that being a hip-hop artist was his destiny and therefore he was determined to make it happen by any means necessary. Every chance Smuve got, he performed the music that he personally wrote and produced, determined to NEVER give up.

In 2017, after years of searching for the right manager, "Smuve" signed with Dce3productions & Management of Atlanta. His stage presence is a ten and he DEFINITELY knows how to keep the crowd wanting more. His hit single 'Pressure', as well as 'Guns & Roses' has gained swift popularity nationwide. He has opened up concerts for both the Migo's and A-Boogie. King Smuve plans to release his hot new album in the fall of 2017. To learn more about King Smuve and his upcoming performances, please visit his personal web page at  artistecard.com/KingSmuve!

Join Our Roster...

At Dce3, we receive hundreds of submissions a day.  Because we take music seriously, all of our artists at Dce3 are carefully selected not only by our Founder/CEO, Ms. Pierce, but by a team of music professionals that have partnered with us.  If you are interested in booking any of our artists for your next concert or event or if you are interested in being represented by Dce3productions & Management, please submit your information and someone will reply back to you shortly.